Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Think Pink" Tuesday: Happy Thoughts

Whenever I see the color pink....especially shocking pink....it makes me so happy!  Walking down memory lane the other day, as I wrote about finding the historic house where I went to nursery school brought back such happy memories as well.  I thought a lot about those early days, and how much fun that part of childhood is...

My thoughts turned to the next year, when I was in kindergarten. It was 1964-1965 and it was such a happy year.  I can't remember my teacher's name, nor the names of many of the children in the class...but I can remember one special thing the teacher had that she used to share with us.

I am the blonde girl, sitting in front of the red panel door.  Preppy then and preppy now!

Every so often, she would have us sit on the big carpet on the floor and she would get out the record player and her records.  One of them was my very favorite.....I can't remember which songs I liked, or what it was about that album....But after thinking about it the other day, I decided to check it out on Ebay....and I found it!  I should be getting it soon...and I can't wait!!

For many years, Annette Funicello has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.  She hasn't been seen in public for awhile, and I pray that she is doing well.  "Think Pink," Annette!!......and thanks for so many happy memories!


  1. I loved the serials they had on Mickey Mouse Club (we had reruns of the old 50's programs with the original Mouseketeers)...particularly liked Spin and Marty. What a treasure on ebay!

  2. I always liked Annette, especially when on the reruns of Mickey Mouse Club. I may have to check out that album. But first, I'll have to find a "record player".

  3. I love this video I have it on DVD. My professor is actually one of the musicians in this video. :-) He went from Disney musician to VP of Disney Entertainment. Now he is a Disney Legend.

  4. Allison...That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!! The album arrived and it is everything I hoped for...brought back many happy memories.....

  5. Relinking to this post today....Rest in peace, dear Annette!