Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Find: More Lilly

 Photo from The Coastal Star

The young woman who is the model in the middle of this picture is a friend of mine.  I have known her since she was very young and her mom is one of the dear friends that I was lucky enough to see when I was back in Delray Beach last week.  Their family lived across the street from us and I have been so proud to call them friends.  This young woman is Director of PR for a very well known Palm Beach establishment and her mother is a mover and shaker in historic preservation efforts in South Florida.  I know she is proud of her daughter,too.  For not only is she a successful, happy adult ... she is one of those rare individuals whose inner beauty matches her outer beauty.  She is simply amazing!!

For more great photos and a terrific article on Lilly Pulitzer, click here!

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