Thursday, July 1, 2010

Traditional Thursday

Ok....the 4th of July is almost here.  One of my favorites, it is a holiday that has its own very special traditions!  Our tradition for as long as I can remember is to have dinner (usually a picnic) with friends or family and then go somewhere close to watch the fireworks.  When I was a child in Delray, the fireworks were best viewed over Lake Ida, but the mosquitos were horrific.  Now they do them at the beach in Delray and seeing the explosion of color over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean is awesome!

Richmond's best fireworks have usually been over the baseball stadium, after a game.  Lately, however, we have been going to Baltimore, to visit family....and what a special place that is!  One of the best things, when you are in downtown Baltimore, is to hear the symphony of car alarms. For, as the fireworks boom, the vibrations set them off and it's hilarious....with each BOOM! more cars are added, and the "music" swells!!

More on the 4th tomorrow!