Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday: Checking In

We are having so much fun...and there is so little time to blog!  Thought I would catch you up on all that's been happening.

Last Wednesday...Auto Train to Florida.

Thursday-Saturday: Surprise trip to Disney World for Older and Younger Daughter...hosted by Dear Niece (and Disney expert!) We stayed at the Contemporary, which I have wanted to do since I first went at age 12 in 1971!  We did Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom and Epcot...and I stayed out (and active) til 2:30am!
Their youthful enthusiasm was contagious!!

Saturday-today: First return trip "home" to Delray Beach since Miss Betty died.  That was kind of hard...and we had to pack a lot into four days.  Usually we are there for four weeks!  Saw my brother and sister-in-law, both best friend from growing up!

My dear friend and I have not really been able to spend any length of time in the same place in 10+ this was such a treat and such a delight!! It made the trip very special for me....and it made it seem like Miss Betty, was there, too....with her good friend, Kathleen.  You see, my dear friend lost her sweet mother recently, too.  (Side note: You can read more about our story here.)

Finally...this is a little video I took for my two buddies pictured above.  We are all crazy about the Goodyear Blimp and it flew right past our suite this afternoon...twice! (We are now in Ft. Lauderdale...more on that later!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday: On The Road Again

Time to get on the road least as far as the train station!  Love, love, LOVE Amtrak's Auto Train...allows me to go to Florida and to have my own car while I am there.  So off we go.... Our lovely compartment awaits, and the food in the first class dining car is usually quite good on this particular train, so I am excited!  I like to leave the driving to someone else.....

Now, if that pesky storm in the islands will just stay away.....I think this will be an terrific holiday!
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The Classic Preppy

Monday, July 19, 2010

Madras Monday: Precious Places

So much to do, to unpack from Colorado and repack for Florida....I think I will put off posting pics and trip details for when I have time to do a "proper" job of it!

In the meantime, I was thinking about how this summer was really the summer of "Precious Places"...because in this one summer I have been blessed to be able to spend time in three places that have been precious to me since I was a child.  There have been other places, all over the world, where I have spent time and which I also love....but these Precious Places are the ones I come back to and feel the same as I did when I first saw them 40 plus years ago.

My Top Three Precious Places That I Am Revisiting This Summer:
1. Delray Beach and Palm Beach.  Where I grew up...."Home." (see
2. Estes Park, Colorado (see
3. Colonial Williamsburg (been going there, on and off, since I was two years old, and still feel a thrill when I am walking down Duke of Gloucester Street!)

What are your Precious Places? 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday: So Much To Say!

Hello! I can't believe it has been almost a week since I blogged. There were so many times this past week I have wanted to blog or at least "tweet" all the fun, but when you are at the top of a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, it just doesn't work....

Historic preservation work, hiking, riding, four-wheeling.....It was an utterly amazing long weekend. Now, home to repack (catch up on sleep) and, in two days, off to Florida.

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"The Classic Preppy"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Madras Monday

So much is going on this week.....I feel like my life is madras....lots of different pieces sewn together!

Starting this week and ending in mid-August, I will be traveling to Colorado, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. (New Jersey probably doesn't count, as it is simply a quick trip over to Hoboken to run into Carlo's City Hall Bakery in Hoboken to load up on the best baked goods anywhere. If you haven't been there, make it a definite stop on your itinerary next time you are in NYC.)

Meetings, errands, tying up loose ends, etc. are all keeping me I think I am going to take a little break from blogging to get it all done and get out of town. But, I will be back from my Colorado trip next Monday and will have lots to share before I take off again a couple of days later. In the meantime, I will be Twittering my way across the country! You can follow me by clicking on the Twitter link at the right...

And, no, I am not traveling on a vintage plane (photo above).  But, my dear daddy was a pilot for United Airlines, and ever since I was an infant (in 1959), I have been flying!  The picture above brings back a lot of great memories....Just like my trip to Colorado is bound to do!!

PS.  If you are already thinking about fall (which I am not....I want summer to last as long as possible), Brooks Brothers has a wonderful new children's line.... Check it out here:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silent Sunday: Christmas In July

It is so hot (and dry) here in Virginia....Can't wait to feel the cool mountain air next weekend!  It's not going to be this cold, but thought you might enjoy this sweet video of Estes Park at Christmas time.

It's Christmas in July!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Sadness: Where Is Kate?

I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Colorado....Will be seeing some folks I haven't seen in ages, and some places that are near and dear to my heart. As a historic preservationist, it is thrilling to me that so many places I remember from 40 years ago are still there.

The Historic Park Theatre is still there and still looks the same....Hope I have time to catch a movie! I remember seeing Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang in the summer of 1969....and the theatre has remained a vivid memory ever since.  Just look at it and I think you will see why!

You can read the story behind the theatre and its preservation at the link above.

The Park Theatre is a place we would go to by car, but some of the areas best attractions we would get to on horseback.  Calico Kate's Pantry in Glen Haven was one of those places....

Although Calico Kate's Pantry is no longer in business in darling Glen Haven, the Glen Haven General Store is there, with all of its treats and treasures... However, I was so excited after a quick internet search to find that Calico Kate's owner's grandson had reopened a version of the store in Loveland!  I had my route planned and was excited about a quick visit.....but then I noticed their website had disappeared and the phone had been disconnected.  It looks like it might have been hit by the economy like a lot of other businesses.  If any of you readers are from Loveland, Colorado or know anything about it, please let me know.  That store holds such fond memories for me....  We would ride the horses from McGraw Ranch up to Glen Haven, and "shop."  Such fun! ... Oh well, at least I still have my CK cookbooks!

Photos from the Park Theatre website and Loveland's Treasures

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Find: Fascination

I don't know why...but this movie fascinates me. If for no other reason than to get a better view of her spectacular apartment, I am off to see this today:

I'll let you know what I find out about Ms. Rivers!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday: Prayer Request Post

Usually I do a "Traditional Thursday" or "Throwback Thursday".....but today I want to do something different.  I want to point you to a blog that  I have just begun to follow, and I want to ask your prayers for this dear child, Vivian. (Click on her name to learn more about her...)

Here is the blog....Bookmark it/favorite it/add it to your site....and keep up with the family as you pray.

One thing I learned today was that Vivian and I share a love for the same movie.  Vivian, this is for you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Just back from one trip and planning three more...all in rapid succession. This is a busy summer, but a fun summer!!

Next week's trip is all about historic preservation and returning to one of my absolute favorite childhood places, Estes Park, Colorado. Today, it's 100+ in Richmond, but just heard from my friends in Estes Park, who say it is cool and comfortable there.

So, today, it's out to the pool.... 

Next week it's this...

For more on my story of days in Estes Park, visit
The Classic Preppy

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Think Pink" Tuesday: Pink Sunsets

What a great weekend!  Hope your 4th was fun as well....

Although the day was warm, the weather "on the roof" was perfect and we enjoyed an amazing pink sunset ....

....and some amazing fireworks!

More tomorrow....Have to unpack and clean up today!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Seconds: More 1776

This clip is a long one, but worth the watching....To go to just the song, start at the 4:00 mark.   We in Virginia are proud of being a part of our part in the movement for Independence.  Definite-Lee! :)

And this clip is the best song of the show....The opening number.  (Again, the song starts about 2 minutes into the video.)

Enjoy.....and have a Happy and Safe Independence Day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Find: 1776

One of the most amazing movie musicals is the classic 1776....It has so many wonderful songs, I hesitate to choose.....but this is one of my very favorites! 

When we made a trip to the Philadelphia area for a conference in 2007, I couldn't wait to see Independence Hall....and the Liberty Bell across the street. What a treat that was!

Sites around Philadelphia and me with old family friend, Peter Marshall, featured speaker at the conference.
Peter's mom, author Catherine Marshall, was a dear friend of Miss Betty's.

If you haven't seen 1776, it is being shown this Sunday at 2:30pm on Turner Classic Movies.  Watch it or TIVO it for later....You won't be sorry!  It's a "classic."

More tomorrow...

Cheers!! Liz  

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Traditional Thursday

Ok....the 4th of July is almost here.  One of my favorites, it is a holiday that has its own very special traditions!  Our tradition for as long as I can remember is to have dinner (usually a picnic) with friends or family and then go somewhere close to watch the fireworks.  When I was a child in Delray, the fireworks were best viewed over Lake Ida, but the mosquitos were horrific.  Now they do them at the beach in Delray and seeing the explosion of color over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean is awesome!

Richmond's best fireworks have usually been over the baseball stadium, after a game.  Lately, however, we have been going to Baltimore, to visit family....and what a special place that is!  One of the best things, when you are in downtown Baltimore, is to hear the symphony of car alarms. For, as the fireworks boom, the vibrations set them off and it's hilarious....with each BOOM! more cars are added, and the "music" swells!!

More on the 4th tomorrow!