Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday: What Women Want

When Dear Husband and I were watching tv last night, a commercial came on for the new Cadillac STX.  DH drew my attention to it (because I have an SRX....Cadillac's smaller SUV) and said, "Look at that, it has _______horsepower."  I can't remember the number, but DH was impressed.  I must have had a totally blank look, because he said, "That doesn't interest you in the least, does it?"  And he was right!  I am more about the color, line, style, interior features.  I do want the car to run well, but I don't really care about horses, acceleration, etc.

I love my car!  I bought it last year as an homage to Miss Betty, who, after she had stopped driving, went out on a whim and bought her self a gorgeous dark blue Cadillac DTS.  My car is the same color, almost the same dashboard, but an SUV.  I feel like Miss Betty is right there with me when I motor about.

How about you?  What's important to you when looking for a new car?  Way back when, Oldsmobile was smart enough to do some training films for their salesmen to teach them the best way to "deal" with women!

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  1. This will make you laugh but I don't care one bit about what I drive. I don't care about looks, color, make or model.

    I am very active and I have been known to drive to my Gala committee meetings, JL, DAR and every other meeting/event/dinner in whatever has the most gas in it. As a matter of fact, I once drove to a ball at the Four Seasons in my beat-up, antique-hauling, farm (had saddles in the back) Chevy Suburban because I couldn't find the keys to the other vehicle. Newbies tend to give me the 'once-over' but my friends just know that's me. ("She's a writer, she's supposed to be eccentric!")

    I did drive a Mercedes for 10 years (38th birthday gift from husband). I thought it was too 'show-offy' plus it was very high maintenance (no Jiffy-Lube for tune-ups, no siree.)

    Cars are just not my 'thing.'