Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Part 2: Charming

Loved Beth Dunn's post her Social Climber blog today. She told us all about her charm bracelet and what it meant to her. She asked her readers about theirs, so I am responding today!

I adore my charm bracelet, and while it is not the most expensive piece of jewelry I own, I do believe it is the most precious.

Starting at the bottom, 6 o'clock position, is a disc with one of my dear Dad's service award pins from United Airlines, where he was a senior captain for many, many years. (It was given to me on my 20th birthday and has his nickname for me and my birthday on the back.) Moving clockwise, a shell that represents growing up at the beach, a heart engraved with our middle daughter's Frances' initials (a baby we lost at birth in 1994), the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, part of a group of charms which represent my favorite European cities, a Coca-Cola bottle (what can I say....I am Southern!), a heart with Older Daughter's monogram and birthdate, a precious little charm with my maiden name initials, given to me when I was a junior bridesmaid at age 10 (my first gold charm!!), the Junior League of Richmond charm, a gold crown (representing London), a charm with the logo of Older Daughter's middle school, where I was President of the PTA, a heart with Dear Husband's monogram and our wedding date,
a gondola, the Medici seal and the Coliseum (representing Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy), a final heart with Younger Daughter's monogram and birthdate, and, finally, a comedy mask in honor of my work in and love for the theatre.

What's on YOUR charm bracelet?


  1. Your charm bracelet is magnificent! I LOVE the shell charm. I got my grandmother’s charm bracelet when she passed away. I always remember asking her what each charm meant when I was a little girl...I would never get sick of hearing the stories. My best friend from college just joined the Junior League in Richmond and she is super excited about it! xx

  2. Such a pretty bracelet love the meaning of each charm!

  3. Beautiful bracelet! Such lovely memories!

  4. Loved seeing your charm bracelet and reading about the precious charms! I'm so happy charm bracelets are still chic:)

  5. Like I commented on Beth's... I had started a post on my charm bracelet back in early 2010. Guess I should finish it!

    Love the beautiful heart charms...

  6. I love your charm bracelet, and so enjoyed reading the meaning of each charm! My bracelet has a figure skate; a sailboat; a dachshund (I am a volunteer with dachshund rescue and am the proud Mom of three. These three also participate in many local events to help other pets in need); a snowflake; two dolphins, whale tail, and humpback whale in honor of my career in international animal welfare as well as my home Cape Cod, a maple leaf from Vieux Quebec, a scallop shell, a "united we stand" Maltese cross in memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01, and a section of a "best freinds" heart.