Thursday, June 3, 2010

Traditional Thursday: Provenance is "provenance," not "Provence." Today's thoughts on tradition have to do with where things originate....their provenance.  Isn't that a marvelous word?

Why am I thinking about this today? Tomorrow morning, this sofa, which came from my great-aunt's house to mine, is going back to South Carolina. It belonged to my 3rd great grandmother (my grandmother's great-grandmother), Clarissa Gibson McMeekin, of Fairfield County, South Carolina. The sofa (from the early/mid 1800's) came from Fairfield to Greenville in 1907, and left the Greenville house in 2002 to come here....but I really have no place for it, and it's not being "honored" sitting in my attic.

Yes, there are plenty of historic sites/museums here that it could have been donated to....but it's important, when you can, to return a piece to its original location...or close to it. So, tomorrow morning bright and early, the sofa is going back to South Carolina and will live in the beautiful Fairfield County Museum. It will be in the entrance hall, so if you are ever in Winnsboro, stop by and have a seat!

Cheers! Liz


  1. Beautiful! I love that the sofa is returning to it's original location!

  2. I love the house! So classic! Hope you're having a great week and I'm also hosting a giveaway on my blog!

  3. I knew some McMeekins in Columbia (where I grew up). Wouldn't that be so neat if they were the same family?

  4. Bevy...."Our" McMeekins are/were Silas Calhoun (Cal) McMeekin and his sister, Ann McMeekin Boyle. I believe one of Ann's children...a daughter....goes by "Meekin." She also had a son named Ladson Boyle, Jr. Cal's sons were Silas Calhoun McMeekin III and Thomas Preston McMeekin. I knew Ann a little, but Miss Betty was really the one who kept in touch with all the cousins in that part of the family. (They were second cousins.)

    The earlier post I wrote about family that showed the white house is a house that belongs to that branch of the family. They restored it and use it as a hunting lodge, I believe....

  5. Yes... same family!!! I used to know Thomas, but it's been a long time... What a small world!

    Daddy and Cal grew up together (I think!).