Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Think Pink" Tuesday

Sorry I didn't post earlier....Don't think I have ever been as tired...or happy.  We got so much de-cluttering done this weekend.  When the trash and recycling were put on the street for pick-up, it looked like a family had moved in and had unpacked a ton of boxes.  Mission (almost) accomplished....with just a little more filing and laundry left before we can check it off the list, and go into the summer season organized and ready for fun!!

Here's a little "Think Pink" inspired by my re-shelving some books during my organizing weekend.  The book was "V"....the subject, the amazing Diana Vreeland!  More on Mrs. Vreeland later this week....

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  1. I loved this. Such a classy lady, and I love her accent, dahling.