Monday, June 7, 2010

Madras Monday: More To Come

Although I am still not finished.....things are looking good, so back to blogging I go!  We're very excited around these parts, because DN (Dear Niece) is coming for a visit tomorrow.....She is just like another daughter to me and I love it when she (and her sister) come to visit.  Not only that, but we get to spend time with them again next month, back in Delray Beach!

The photo above is one of my favorites....Older Daughter, Dear Niece and Younger Daughter.  There's a funny tale behind it, too......that makes it even more special.

I was trying to sleep late one night, when I heard giggling and a whirring sound.  I went down to our playroom and there they were.....taking modeling photos, with a huge floor fan being used as a wind machine for effect.  Although Mom/Aunt thought it was much too late to be doing this kind of thing, it reminded me of time with my best friends at that age....So I offered to be the photographer!  We laughed and modeled and shot even later into the night....and this is one of the pictures that was a keeper.

I know I will always keep that precious memory in my heart!

See you tomorrow, A!


  1. Your daughters and niece are so adorable! Happy Madras Monday!

  2. What a cute story, it sounds like a lot of fun! The picture is so adorable! Hope you had a marvelous Madras Monday!