Monday, June 14, 2010

Madras Monday: Coming Up For Air

Whew! It was quite a weekend, having poor DH not be able to least not very well. He was in a lot of pain, but is better now, and was just cleared by the doctor to go back to his office. Yay!

This week I am working in my office (at home), going through lots of old files, photos and genealogy papers. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun, because I am finding so many great things I thought I had lost long ago! It feels so good to be getting more organized!!

One of the things I promised you during Garden Week in April, was a garden that Miss Betty did with/for my grandmother and great-aunt. My grandmother was about 90 at the time, and my aunt was about 96, so Miss Betty wanted to make sure the house's original garden was not only restored, but improved. When the landscapers suggested using cryptomeria as a "screen" because it was a hardier plant, just slow-growing, Miss Betty told him to put in leyland cypress, which would be FAST growing, as time was of the essence! My aunt passed away in 1999 at the age of 105 1/2 and my grandmother passed away in 2000, just two weeks short of her 101st birthday. They loved their garden!

 Click on this photo to read about my grandmother being on the Garden Tour when she was 100!
(If you double-click the image, it should open.  One more click should magnify it.)

After my grandmother died, the family house (which we had owned since 1907) was sold.  One of the conditions of the sale was that it did not include the family lilac bush, which my great-grandmother had brought from their plantation near Winnsboro, SC when they moved to Greenville in 1907.  It was dug up, potted and sent to me in Richmond.  I am not a talented gardener, but it survived being in the garden in our house on Monument Avenue, as well as the house we are in now....

It goes without saying that it is one of my most precious possessions!

More tomorrow.... Have a great day!  If it's not too hot, get out in YOUR garden!!


  1. How fun!! I love to garden, though Florida is mighty HOT!

  2. Surprised they had a lilac bush in SC. Since moving to NC from NY (a long time ago) I'd been told that lilacs don't do well in the south because they need cold winters to thrive.

  3. Ok... I am thinking we should know each other! I read the wonderful article and noticed the name Isbell. My first cousin's best friend is named Isbell, not Isabelle. Cute girl. Both she and her mother went to Converse (like me).

  4. Bevy....Miss Betty went to Converse, too! (Class of 1944, I believe....although she wasn't there the whole four years. She also went to Furman.) Our Isbells come from Georgia....