Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Finds

I had a lot of great "finds" this week, and wanted to share them!

1. I found that Richmond has a great website for moms called (of course!) 
Founded by Kate Hall, it is an amazing look at motherhood and our magnificent city.  Kate even has a new book called Richmond Rocks, a guide to the amazing (historic) sights and sounds of the River City.  Check it out....and check out what's available in your city.....I bet there are a lot of creative moms out there!

2.  I found that having teenagers that are old enough to be dropped off at Busch Gardens is a great thing.  Bless their hearts, they were so worried that I was going to be "lonely" on my own all day....but I had a marvelous time!  Found all kinds of great things and lots of sales as I came home a happy (if poorer) mom.  One of my favorite purchases was this fun Kate Spade tote...

If you look closely at the price tag (click on picture to enlarge), you can see that the bag was on sale to begin with.  Retail: $295. Outlet Price: $255. Outlet Sale Price: $179. Sign On Store Shelf: "Take off an additional 30%"....Final price: $125.30 !  What a deal........but.....

3. I also found out that I had been missing something really great at the Outlet Center!  After years of shopping there, I had my route down pat, no need to stop for anything, never eating at the Food Court because we would always do that at Colonial Williamsburg.  Last Wednesday was so hot that I had to stop into the Food Court for a cold drink, and when I did, there was a sign that said, "If you are a AAA member, stop by the Service Desk for a VIP discount pass." WHAT????  I got my drink and headed over....and this is what I received:

I can't believe I have been missing this all these years....If I had had it at the beginning of my "spree" I would have saved another $20-$30 that day!  It's ok, though....we are going back this week.  (Younger Daughter didn't want a birthday party....just a trip to the Prime Outlet Center.  Just like her mama!!)

5. Finally, I found that I love Colonial Williamsburg every bit as much (if not more) than I did when I first visited in 5th grade (40 years ago....Yikes!)

The Thomas Everard House circa 1970 and 2010

My brother and I, Spring 1970. 
He may not have enjoyed the gardens that Miss Betty wanted us to see.... 

...but he loved seeing his big sister in the stocks!

and we both thought the maze behind the Governor's Palace was amazing. 
(I still do!)

Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg?  It's a true find!!  Click on this amazing video and see for yourself!

Have a GREAT weekend!

"The Classic Preppy"


  1. I love Williamsburg and can't wait to take my little ones someday.

    By the way, you can also sign up for VIP email coupons for the outlets at

    Great bag!!!

  2. Love that purse! And how great that you got it on sale!

  3. As I commented the other day, I am going to Williamsburg later this summer. I need to sign up for VIP email coupons for the outlets. I can't tell you how many times I've been to Williamsburg. I was just there 2 years ago and going back again this year. It is such a wonderful place.

  4. What a wonderful trip! My BFF from college lives there and she is a fabulous guide when I go - both for Col. Williamsburg AND the outlets!!!

  5. What a great bag! I love it! Looks like you had fun in Williamsburg!