Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Find: More "To-Do"

We made a lot of progress on the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Adventure last weekend....but I am still working on the finishing-up part.  Think that will take most of the will put off posting more on Diana Vreeland and other interesting topics until next week.

In the meantime...and speaking of organizing....Check out the Container Store's online videos.  They are so inspirational.  There's great advice for traveling, a super video for college dorm room organization and even videos on gift wrapping.  Click here for more!

They even have four "organized travel gals" to choose from and download....So you can include them in your vacation photos!  The one I am most like, I think, is "Viv."  Here she is (in green) in the Northern Virginia store.....I just wish we had a Container Store here in Richmond!

And someone took her (the downloaded version) to the Gulf Coast in Florida!
(Both photos from Facebook)

For more on the Container Store....visit their website or Facebook page.

Waiting to hear from Dear Husband about the successful return of the family sofa to South Carolina....More soon!

Liz (The Classic Preppy)


  1. Good lord it must be spotless by now, we want our girl back!
    Come back we miss you, we promise to be good, we promise.

  2. Wow! You are Miss Organized-Girl!