Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday: Family Fun

I have just looked at the clock!  It's almost 2:30 in the morning......I knew I shouldn't have started in on my genealogy work right after dinner.  I am going to a class on Thursday, and am trying to put some pieces together with a tricky part of the family tree.  Too tired to write much more than that....But here is a picture of one of my ancestors!  She was the first in a long line of "Elizabeths." Older Daughter, myself, Miss Betty, Grandmother and this 2nd great grandmother. 

Elizabeth Louise Hunter McMeekin

And here's Older Daughter....
I think there's a resemblance!


  1. oh wow! there totally is a resemblance! both ladies -- gorgeous! it is so fun, and a bit nervewraking, researching the family tree. i'm totally into it! did you happen to watch the NBC show "Who Do You Think You Are?" all about our ancestors? Such discoveries! Good luck in uncovering your past!

  2. Learning about our ancestors is so interesting. And so much fun! Before my grandmother passed away she wrote about 20 charming short stories for me. These stories are almost all about her privileged childhood. I am compiling them into a book and including my memoirs -- stories about my youth and how my grandmother influenced it. I hope to have these published in the fall. My daughter also bears a striking resemblance to her great-grandmother!