Thursday, May 13, 2010

Traditional Thursday: We Are All Family

I love being Southern.....and this may apply to non-Southerners, too....but it seems like there is a tradition that everyone in the South knows someone you know....or knows someone that knows them/grew up with them, etc! 

This is the second day of a two day Annual Meeting I am attending here in town, and I was seated next to the cutest lady yesterday.  Somehow our conversation got around to South Carolina, and I told her my mother was from Greenville.  I mentioned the family's last name...and she said, "Do you know anyone in that family named Betty?"  I replied that Betty was my mother.....and the conversation just took off.  Seems that her husband was in school with Miss Betty and her sisters.....and I got to spend time talking with him tonight at our cocktail party at the Jefferson Hotel.  It was "old home week" with someone I had never met before.  I just love it when that happens!!!

If you are ever in Richmond, you must check out The Jefferson Hotel. 

Stay there if you can, and if not, have Sunday brunch or cocktails.  The Jefferson is owned by a acquaintance of ours and his business partner.  They also own The Sanctuary at Kiawah......and their motto is, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."  Their hotels are a testament to that!

Our group's cocktail party was in the Jefferson's Rotunda..... Here's a picture from their website.... It's always so much fun walking down that staircase...You feel so grand!!

More meetings today... Fun!


  1. Aren't you amazed at the many times you end up humming "it's a small world after all" to yourself after an encounter? I think the most unlikely one I can remember happened to my husband when he was seated next to my father's 9th grade football coach on an that ever came up in conversation is still a mystery!

  2. Did a part of you feel that Miss Betty was reaching out to you from above and letting you know that she's still thinking of you?

  3. Kathie....That's exactly what it felt like!
    There are too many details to go into for the blog....but there were things that came up in that conversation that were Miss Betty's favorite things and people to talk about....I found myself spending a lot of the evening with that sweet couple. I really miss my mother....hers was such a large presence here on Earth, her absence is tangible!

  4. That is so much fun! This is definitely the case in St. Louis! Its a big town rather than a small city. Everyone knows everyone and I just love it! Glad you enjoyed the meetings!

  5. Well just for the record, we never tire of hearing about her. So please, please keep her alive on these pages. I want to be her when I grow up.

  6. I just love when that happens... and you are so right, it happens a lot to me too. I have a few friends who grew up in Greenville, and I would bet my life their mothers/granmothers knew Miss Betty too.