Thursday, May 20, 2010

Traditional Thursday: More Family Fun

Circa 1902
My grandmother is the little blonde girl, third from the right.
She was not even in school at the time, but wanted to go to be in the picture
My great-aunt is the girl in the front, lying on her side.

 My grandmother and great-aunt with Older Daughter circa 1994.

More genealogy today.....It's such a WASP thing!  The all day session I am attending today is called The Big Dig and it's a great opportunity to share information with other Virginians to see which ancestors we might have in common.  Although my family is basically from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.....the majority of them started in Virginia, Pennsylvania or Maryland back in the 1600's and early 1700's.

I am so fortunate to live in Richmond...our State Library has an amazing collection and is a genealogist's dream!   Since I inherited all the family photos and documents from Miss Betty's side of the family and some from my Dad's as well, it is my goal to scan everything and put it all into albums and archival storage boxes so it will go safely through the generations.  It's a big job, to be sure, but it's so much fun!

Do any of you like genealogy?  If you are just getting into it, I highly recommend Family Tree Maker as a genealogy program for your computer.  It is hooked into and it is fabulous.  Its only drawback is that it doesn't have a Mac version yet....

Off to dig!

Pictures from a genealogy trip to Jenkinsville, (Fairfield County) SC.
A restored family house....This house belongs to my cousins, the McMeekins.
If you saw the Mel Gibson movie, The Patriot, it was filmed in and around this area.  The house the family in the movie lived in was modeled on houses typical from this area....My great great grandparents' house, which is gone now, looked very much like the house in the movie....a long porch  running across the house on both the first and second floors.


  1. What a great old Southern home! I love places like that.

  2. I love geneology. As a matter of fact, my ancestors are from the Richmond area. I am descended from the Randolphs who lived at Tuckahoe. I love the house in the picture. It reminds me of some of the houses that my ancestors lived in way back when.