Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Traditional Thursday: The Loss Of A Legend

I am writing this (and posting it) on Wednesday evening, as I will be away all day tomorrow. As I write this, my heart is so heavy...... Art Linkletter brought me such joy as a child.  I have so many precious memories of "naptime" (when I didn't sleep) up in my grandmother's four poster bed with her...watching Art Linkletter.  Later she gave me a book by Mr. Linkletter that had belonged to my grandfather.  It is still a prized possession today....

Fair warning....If you are my age or a little older, you will love this video, but you will be in tears during the last 15 seconds...


  1. THAT WAS WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing. It brought back memories. My grandmother and I watched "House Party" every afternoon.

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you! Thank you so much. That was so very beautiful, and oh, what if television was clean and wholesome like that again?

  3. LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing this video. I was in need of a little lift, and I certainly got it!