Thursday, May 6, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Tiffany & Co.

We're going shopping at Tiffany & Co. today....but we're going to step into our time machine, join Audrey Hepburn, and head back to the 1960's. Circa the 1960's that is....I am not sure how old this catalog is, as it is not dated. Could be earlier... It's one of Miss Betty's that lists TCO's phone number as Plaza 5-8000, and doesn't list any of the branch stores. This catalog also has the old gray cover on it's a real throwback! Today we'll go shopping in my favorite department....Schlumberger.

Jean Schlumberger is my all time favorite TCO designer, followed closely by Donald Claflin. Since we are just shopping today, I will save their biographies for another post... I have some treasured pieces that are a combination of things I have bought for myself and things I inherited from Miss Betty. One day my daughters will have them and enjoy them, too. It's never too early to train your daughters to appreciate good jewelry!! Here is the catalog page (with the vintage prices) as well as links to the same items today... Enjoy!! (And don't forget that most of the pictures in this blog will enlarge if you click on them....)

Tiffany & Co. doesn't list all their jewelry on their website, but they still produce a lot of Schlumberger's classic designs. One of these rings is featured on their website, if you'd like it today! Others are available at the New York store and select branches. Click here for more: Item C
Of course, it was $950 then and it's $6950 now.  I have always said that Schlumberger (or most anything that's from Tiffany & Co.) was a great investment!
Or how about a Schlumberger enameled bracelet? Wish I could get one for these prices!! When I was with TCO in the 1980's, they were around $5000 - $6000. But have no fear, they, too, are on the website, so you can order one today... C-49a and C-49d

There's lots more to write about Tiffany & Co., and its wonderful people and designs. Stay tuned for more.....


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love Tiffany's. I'm looking forward to more posts from the catalogue.

  2. Great post! I love Tiffany's and it's so cool to see pictures from the old catalogues!