Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Think Pink" Tuesday: Around The House

Older Daughter and I wear the same size shoe.....and my Jack Rogers are always "disappearing."  Younger Daughter is a size and a half smaller (for now), so I would look like the Ugly Stepsister trying to squeeze into Cinderella's slipper if I borrowed these....but they are my favorite top siders! Pink patent leather....

It's ok....there are plenty of other pink things around the house that make me happy.  I think I belong to every "frequent flyer" program there is, and not too long ago I cashed in some points for this adorable "Ladies Tool Kit."  It's pink!!!  Isn't it wonderful?  Just like a little purse with a bunch of fabulous accessories inside!


  1. Love those pink top siders! You just made me realize that someday my 5-year-old daughter will want to borrow my clothes, shoes, etc. Uh, oh.

  2. CUTE tool kit!! Where did you find this?!

  3. I have the same tool kit. I got mine from the Flylady website. It does keep the husband from borrowing my tools and "forgetting" to return them!