Sunday, May 23, 2010

Southern Preppy Sunday

I hope you all followed the advice from yesterday's post and visited Miss Janice's blog to read about the Deep South.  It was great....I spent a lot of time thinking about sweet tea and fried chicken after reading it.  The picture above is from the mid-1980's, taken at a family reunion on Lake Rabun, Georgia.  (That's my sweet Daddy I am leaning on...)

Not sure if you qualify as Southern or not?'s the advanced version of the Southern vs. Yankee Test.  It's a hoot!!  Enjoy, y'all!

(And remember...Y'all is a contraction for "you all" the apostrophe takes the place of the missing "ou."  This questions comes up a lot I have noticed, so thought we would settle it here once and for all.)

Have a Southern Preppy Sunday!   Hugs to you Yankee and Mid-West or Western Preps, too!!


  1. Took the test... no shocker for this South Carolina girl!

    Oh, and when I realized this test was for men, I realized I ALWAYS pack the suitcase for my husband!

  2. I passed with 100%. It asked if General Lee was my grandfather. No, but he is/was a distant cousing.

  3. You are so sweet! Of course, I'm 100% Dixie!!!