Sunday, May 2, 2010

Silent Sunday

Today is going to be a quiet Sunday...It's been a busy weekend moving Older Daughter and all her "stuff" out of the dorm!  We are thrilled that next year she will be on the first floor of her new dorm....thrilled!!!

Speaking of dorms, one of my other favorite movies (besides The Women) is The Trouble With Angels.  It has been a favorite since I first saw it on television as a child, and I love it just as much today.  If you haven't seen it....put it on your Netflix list!

Here's to a quiet...if not silent....Sunday! Enjoy!!


  1. Glad you got everything moved out of the dorm! That will be my parents and I in a week or so! The first floor will be fab next year too!

  2. Our daughter is on whirr way home also (by way of a week at the beach)

  3. One of my favorite movies! Brings back good memories of single sex Catholic school as well!

  4. least you have her moved!! Think of me as I head to Hamden-Sydney on Wednesday to pack up my son. He will wait until I get there to begin packing no matter how much I prod/beg!!