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We all know that Wikipedia is not the definitive explanation of anything....but it is interesting to read opinion written as fact.  Do you agree with the Wikipedia definition of "Preppy?"  Interesting.....I didn't realize I was part of a "subculture."...... 



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Preppy, also spelled preppie, is a shortened version of the word preparatory. It is a chiefly North American adjective or noun traditionally used in relation to northeastern privateuniversity-preparatory schools. The term is used to denote a person seen as characteristic of an attendee of these schools.[1] Characteristics of preppies include a particular subcultural speech, vocabulary, accent, dress, mannerisms, and etiquette. Preps often are associated with old, East Coast, upper class "WASP" families in the United States.
The word is particularly well-known amongst American teenagers, as it is quite often used to refer to a particular subculture present within most populous American high schools: the traditionally "popular kids", generally consisting of the children of middle to upper class families, typically characterized (especially by Hollywood in films such as "Never Been Kissed", "She's All That", etc.) as a shallow, transparent group, who are primarily concerned with extrinsic things, the three most obvious of which are probably popularity (generally within their own high school), physical appearance and material possessions. However, when used in this sense, the word is considered slightly more "slang-ish" when it is shortened to the term "prep(s)".



The preppy style originated in the 1950s. As the style is associated with the WASP ethnonym, preppies frequently wear more traditional styles.[2][3]
Classical preps frequently dress formally; the teenage prep often models the appearance of a young professional adult.


The clothing worn by traditional preps can be seen as bland by those unaccustomed to it. Frequently wearing inconspicuous clothing, the styles usually worn by preps are nonetheless more expensive than most other styles.
Brands such as L.L. Bean, Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, Jack Wills, and J. Crew are frequently perceived as preppy styles. An example of preppy attire is a button down Oxford cloth shirt, anargyle sweater, cuffed chinos, and boat shoes.
In 1980, the author and private school alumna Lisa Birnbach[4] edited The Official Preppy Handbook, a tongue-in-cheek guide to what she termed "prepdom".
In 2010, New England Outfitters, a lifestyle e-magazine, was launched to better help those seeking a consolidated source for preppy miscellanea


Among the more common sports played by preps are swimming, badminton, equestrian sports, skiing, fencing, shooting, tennis, golf, rowing, field hockey, sailing, croquet, squash, lacrosse, polo, rugby and cricket. Preps are generally characterized by an attachment to traditional "old school" beliefs and attitudes, typically rooted in family pride or lineage.

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  1. So interesting! I agree with parts of it, but most definitely not the snob part! Oh wikipedia really does have everything on there! Happy Monogram Monday!

  2. i would say this is a pretty accurate description! great find!