Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Find: Talbots

I have been reading a lot lately about how Talbots is changing their look...and using inferior material and workmanship in their products, aiming for a less expensive way of producing clothes and targeting a younger audience.  It is said that they don't like the word "classic" associated with Talbots. What????  I hope that's not true....You know how I feel about anything "classic," since you have seen the title of my blog!  And I particularly love Talbots...although I did notice that the last tee shirts I bought there were not as well done as before.

If you are not part of the Talbots Facebook group, join and check it out. 

***FRIDAY PM UPATE!!!  They have a special offer for Facebook fans to get 30% off an item this weekend.  Here it is:

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I am hoping the negative comments I have been hearing are not true....I have been a Talbots fan since college....and that's 30 years of being a loyal customer!  I like most of their new designs....We'll just be positive about it!  Let's encourage them to keep their standards high...and keep those of us who are their "classic customers" in mind, too.

On Oprah, earlier this year, they said they were upgrading their look and using higher quality fabric....Link 

I guess we will find out more later today, also on Oprah....when Talbots' Chief Creator Officer does makeovers on 10 Oprah magazine readers/winners.  I am not a huge fan of the Oprah show, but I will watch this episode!!

I loved yesterday's email ad.....  Whenever I see something like this, I immediately zoom into the one image that fits "my style" the best.  The outfit on the left best reflects my persona....

Which Talbots are you?  (And if you think they are getting off the classic track, which is your thing, check out Brooks Brothers.  They have some divine new designs!!)


  1. I have been a fan of Talbots for about 30 years also. I remember when it was called The Talbots and you had to pay for a catalogue (I think it was $2). I have noticed that the quality has been lacking for the past 2-3 years. And the styles are just not as "classic" as they used to be. Another line to try is Pendleton. They remind me somewhat of the old Talbots.

  2. After years of shopping at Talbots, I'm frustrated by the changes in their styling and sizing. The fit of their pants used to be consistent, and it's not anymore.

  3. I worked in the Talbots HQ marketing dept for years, and while there is always a push to widen the "reach" and appeal to more people, you always risk loosing the "core" customer...a fine line to walk! costs rise, factories are all overseas, not a lot of quality control accounts for the quality issues, i'm sure...but i do have to say the new direction in color, style and presentation will certainly help awaken customer interest. i have always loved the clothing, and am LOVING the new preppy angle and take on the classics!

  4. I the new colors and many of the new styles. It's great that they are appealing to a younger generation, and giving that generation something "classic" and elegant to wear. I have always found Talbots customer service to be the best in the business. As long as they have stylish clothes that are appropriate for the 50 + bunch, I am good to go. Nothing is worse than seeing women my age, preppy or not, dress like they think they are 25. It doesn't work! :)

  5. I loved the new email yesterday and I too am completely drawn to the very first look. Unfortunately, when I went online, they did not even have the chain/sash belt in that coloration. Very disappointed. I had even suggested to my daughter that she and her father go to Talbot's for my Mother's day shoppping.

    Very curious about new changes.

  6. For years I was a Talbot's devotee. Why the store turned Classic into frump I don't know, but it did, along with sloppy workmanship. Will have to check out their new look. Classic's got to have a touch of style to work.

  7. Seriously? I thought they'd really gotten back to what they do best and I think they're things are still good quality. I think they're better than ever.