Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Find: A Hidden Treasure

It's funny, but you can live somewhere for years and still not see everything worth seeing in your town/city.  Although we never lived in Ft. Lauderdale, my godparents I spent a lot of time there.  Something I missed (until a couple of years ago) was The Bonnet House.  (Pronounced "bonnet" just like the hat.)

If you are ever in the area, take a couple of hours to visit this amazing place.  It is truly stepping back in time.....and into "old Florida."  Right off the beach, and near Hugh Taylor Birch park, the house sits quietly and majestically, ready to tell its story....and that of its former occupants, Hugh Taylor Birch's daughter and her husband, noted artist Frederick Clay Bartlett (and after her death, Frederick's second wife, who was part of the Eli Lilly family). 

The Bonnet House a real "find!"

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  1. What a gorgeous house! Totally a fabulous find! Have a great weekend!