Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday: Historic Garden Week

Monday's and Tuesday's weather was wonderful....absolutely beautiful!  This week is always the prettiest part of spring in Virginia....and a it's a perfect time for houses and gardens to be on tour....

On Monday I left the house early....passing by the beautiful azaleas which line the driveway (and always make me feel so happy) and headed to the Woman's Club, where I helped arrange flowers.

"Help" is the operative word here, so I cannot take credit for anything being mine except the little rose bowl on the table for the Board luncheon.  My dear friend and neighbor is one of the most talented women I know, and I was honored to be her assistant!

Tuesday I was at Wilton House Museum for the morning, as we have a lot of out of town visitors during this week every year....but usually in the afternoon, after they have seen the houses/gardens on tour, had lunch and then set out to explore the rest of Richmond.  I wish I could have stayed throughout the day, as we had a big group of ladies from Dallas, Texas scheduled to visit....but I am sure they had a grand time with the volunteers that were there. In the morning I did have the pleasure of helping with a tour for a huge school group (80 children plus chaperones).  Great kids, who asked amazing questions and behaved beautifully!   After that I had time to stroll around the house and check out the floral arrangements.  We don't allow flash photography at Wilton, so these pictures are from my Blackberry. They aren't as light and bright as I would have liked...but you get the idea!  (We use natural light at Wilton, too....So you feel just like you are back there in the late 1700's paying a visit to the Randolphs!)

                                                                              Photo from Wilton House Museum website

                  On the landing (upper and lower passage).      Parlor set up for tea.                 Lower passage flowers.

Check out Wilton's website and please come visit if you find yourself in or near Richmond!  Richmond has a lot for visitors to see...all year round.  It is such a blessing to live in a city that takes historic preservation least most of the time.  We preservationists have had our battles, to be sure.... and I know there are certain of us whose faces send City Council members into hiding.  None of us are shy about speaking and we'll come down to City Hall and talk to you for as long as it takes!

Do you live in a place that takes good care of its history? Celebrates the spring with a house and garden tour?  What's going on in your area?

It's fun to participate in these things "virtually," too.  Thanks to the advances of the internet we can work in areas where we don't live and be a real part of the effort. I have been able to participate in far off projects as well....doing websites/blogs about special places that have great meaning to me: McGraw Ranch and Historic Delray Beach  I am hoping/planning to get to both of these places this summer and get to do some work "in person," too.  It will be great to actually meet my "email" friends.

Enjoy your Wednesday.....Go out and enjoy your garden....or see what's going on in your area with historic preservation..... Have a great day!


(I'll keep working on the article on Miss Betty, her love of gardens and getting to know "Miz" Whaley.  I think it will be a good "Madras Monday" posting....because there are a lot of pieces to put together!)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I miss flowers! My college campus doesn't have many flowers! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Everything is so beautiful! The vibrant colors are cheerful.

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog. You're always welcome anytime.

    *Blessings & Smiles* ~Melissa :)

  3. Beautiful azaleas... just one reason I love living in the south. Lovely...