Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Think Pink" Tuesday

Why is my blog logo a pink turtle?  Well, one reason is that particular image came with an app I bought to use for my Twitter page, and I just thought it was perfect for a Preppy blog!  Secondly, the pink turtle has a special place in my heart.....for I bought a pair of pink turtle earrings on our honeymoon trip to Jamaica.  The resort where we stayed (in Ocho Rios) was spectacular....(Sadly in the past few years it has been bought by a larger corporation and doesn't seem to have the feel of the gentile English hotel in Jamaica that it did when we were there....)

I was so sad when I lost one of the earrings, but I still have the other...and it makes a great "clip."  I think I am going to replace the back with a pin, so I will be able to wear it with more....but it will always be precious to me!

Speaking of our wedding....The most amazing thing happened yesterday!  Out of the blue I received a small package in the mail and in it were pictures from our wedding (actually from the trip to the airport for the honeymoon) that we had never seen.  They were taken by our dear friends, Sally and Alex, who had been married the year before, on April 23rd.
 Sally and Alex are the couple on the far left, pictured here at our wedding.

It was their second marriage each, and both had grown children, but it was such an amazing wedding and marriage.  I sang at their reception and saw them off on their wedding trip....and they drove us to the airport after our wedding reception in Alex's gorgeous Mercedes and stayed to see us off.  I felt like a Queen!

Here are a few of the pics Alex sent...

Sadly, Sally passed away in 2008, just before Miss Betty....who thought the world of her.  I know heaven is a brighter place with Sally there....but we surely do miss her! (You'll hear more about her in the future...She was my cousin Sallie's best friend....and they were a modern day "Preppy" Lucy and Ethel!)

Thanks for the pics, Alex!!  They are going on my bulletin board, since they show me several pounds lighter than I am now!!

You all have a great day....and remember.....Think Pink!


  1. What a great gift to receive. Enjoy!

  2. You always have the most sentimental posts. I love it.

    What exactly is twitter and how is different from Facebook and a blog? Should I have one?


  3. What a nice gift.

    This morning as I was getting ready for work, I realized that I was wearing a lot of pink. Pink tee, pink grosgrain belt, pink earrings, pink polo on socks and pink gullwing on Tretorn. Then I realized that today is "Think Pink Tuesday".