Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking Tea In Tribute

Today, at tea time, it is my very sad duty to report to you that one of my favorite authors, and fellow Richmond resident, Emyl Jenkins has passed away at the age of 68.  I was privileged to have met Emyl a couple of years ago through a mutual friend, and for me it was a tremendous honor....for I was one of her biggest fans!

Having a love of silver, china and crystal from my days at Tiffany & Co, and a love of antiques of all kinds from my days with Miss Betty.....I bought Emyl's books when they first hit the shelves.  I haven't read her more recently published mystery novels, but they are on my list.  Her book, Southern Hospitality is my favorite!

 Book photo from Ebay.  This book is currently up for auction.

Since some of her books are out of print now, I checked on Ebay.  There are a lot of great things available.  Check them out here.....

I am getting out my favorite English china teacup, my sterling tea strainer and spoon and my best linen napkin.  Emyl, I am raising a cup in your memory!  You were a blessing to us all and you will be greatly missed....

Emyl's obituary will probably be in the paper tomorrow.  The link at the top of this post is an article from the Metro section.  She died after only "a brief illness" according to the paper.  I have had two other friends die at this age, both from ovarian cancer.  I have no idea what caused Emyl's death, but ladies....take good care of yourselves.  68 is much to young to go.....

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  1. You are right, 68 is much to young to go. I've made a note to try to get her book "Southern Hospitality." Ms. Jenkins must have been one lovely Southern lady!