Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Celebrations

Today we celebrate Classic Preppiness! Enjoy.....
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Have a lovely Sunday.....Relax and get some rest....if you can!  The spring cleaning/de-cluttering continues here....but with a little decorating (basically hanging some pictures) thrown in for good measure and fun, too. A late afternoon nap will probably cap off the day for me....

I wanted to add one thing to today's post that is definitely classic.  In a way it is very much related to my grandmother, whom you will read about tomorrow. (It's her birthday!!) As a child and teenager, I used to spend hours in her closets. Each of the upstairs bedrooms had a walk in closet, which was unusual for older houses, and they were full of clothes that Miss Betty and her sisters had worn in their young adult lives....Ballgowns, dresses, shoes, handbags, etc.  It was so much fun!  Those days of exploration and dress-up gave me a real appreciation for design from the late 30's, 40's and 50's.

As a college student in Atlanta, I happened to go to the Silver Screen (which showcased old movies) for a viewing of the 1939 classic, The Women.  That night it became my absolute favorite movie of all time...and I returned to see it on the big screen over and over again.  I bought the VHS when it was first out and the DVD as well.  I have gotten more ideas...and more laughs....from this movie than I can count.  And one of those ideas has to do with decorating.......

We host a good number of parties, gatherings and events for non-profits at our house.  The house has a good layout for that kind of entertaining....but I was always worried about not having enough hand towels in my powder room for guests at these larger functions.  As I was having the powder room re-done a couple of years ago, suddenly a scene from The Women popped into my head.  Scene: The powder room in Mary Haines' Connecticut country house.  Idea that caught my eye: the towel bar with glass shelf above.  Solution?  Yes!!  Got online with Baldwin Brass and ordered a glass shelf from the same line as my towel bar, hung it over said bar...and voila!.....lots of hand towels for all.  I had to be creative, as the Baldwin shelf piece didn't look quite right, since the glass was longer than the width of the towel bar.  I solved that easily by mounting the supports in the same place, but hanging the glass shelf upside down.  Much less noticeable......and the whole thing works perfectly.... Check it out!

From which unusual places do you get your decorating ideas?



  1. I absolutely love the movie, "The Women". I can watch it over and over. I must confess that I also like the remake with Meg Ryan. I think the shelf over the towel bar is a great decorating idea. Also, liked the preppy video. You have inspired me to get up and get started with my spring cleaning.

  2. What a fun post, loved the video clips! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, I'm loving reading your blog!! :)