Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sensible Saturday

The next few weekends around here are going to be devoted to de-cluterring and spring cleaning!  I would do some before and after pictures, but the "befores" would be far too embarrassing.... The weekend won't be a total clean fest, though.  There will be some fun, too...but only after we have checked some things off our "to-do" lists! We must be sensible!!

In the meantime, I am going to be bringing some things down from the attic, out of the storeroom, etc....and see about re-purposing them.  (Love, love, love this word....They use it on all the home makeover shows!)

The first item I can show you actually came down from the attic a couple of weeks ago.  It is the Gucci briefcase/bag I bought in the mid 1980's, when I first became a Corporate Account Executive for Tiffany & Co.  My job was to work with the executives of big (and little) companies in the Southeast, advising and helping them with business gift selections.  It was a lot of fun...and a lot of work....and I needed something serviceable but chic for my Tiffany catalogues and samples.  When I was home visiting my parents, I was walking down Worth Avenue, and spotted this case at Gucci.

Fast forward 25+ years.....At the beginning of this year, I purchased a new 17" Dell Studio laptop....which did not fit any of my laptop bags.  I tried ordering a special bag online, but they were out of stock. It was so frustrating.... I looked through store after store here and searched online some more, but couldn't find anything decent.  "I wish I still had my old Gucci case!" I thought.....but I was sure I had donated it/given it away, because the blue leather was chipped and torn and the bag just looked sad.  To my great delight (and surprise), when I went up to the attic to get something else....there it was!  Gleefully, I carried it off to our wonderful leather repairman, and $60 later I have what looks like a brand new bag......and it fits my laptop perfectly!  (I also checked what Gucci bags of this size were selling for these days.  Am I glad I kept mine!!)

I'll be back in the attic this weekend....and I will let you know what else I find...

If you don't have to do chores today, then enjoy your day....Love the guys in this video in their rockers with their iced teas (or something else)...

Check the blog tomorrow for another fun video of preppiness past, present and future....It has great music, too!  Cheers!!


  1. What a fabulous video. And more fabulous that you found your bag and can use it.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  2. Great bag. And girl, I've always had that same problem. I can never find cute, stylish bags for my laptop. I think men are the designers of all those ugly laptop bags out there ;-) But no, I'm happy with the one that I have no and hopefully I don't need to look for a new one anytime soon!

  3. Love Gucci! I was 'Miss Gucci' in the 80's...had everthing. Love this tote as a laptop bag now!