Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pink and Green On The Road

Just had to add a little something for Sunday.... When travelling back from the Carolinas we stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center on I-85.  (One of our favorite places to stop.....Great facilities (including tons of vending machines), and a beautiful information center, with wing chairs, a fireplace and lots of brochures.

They were featuring items from a wonderful Virginia company called Feridies (click for more info).   Feridies does all kinds of great gift baskets, full of Virginia peanuts, hams and the like......but they also had a great gift display.  I loved the pink and green tote bag at the bottom left, and I think the price tag said it was $11!  These items are not necessarily pictured on the website, but you can email or call them and find out more.  The toll free number is at the top left corner of the link.

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