Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More "Think Pink": Pink, Green And Delicious!

Miss Betty loved to do her special occasion shopping at Harry and David....especially for her friends who "already had everything."  She knew that everyone loves edible delights!!  In her later years, it basically came down to telling me to get online and "do the usual" and, no matter what I selected, Harry and David always came through with the perfect gift!

I have cut back on almost all my catalogs, since I use websites to stay up to date and order.  However, I have remained on the H&D list....(well, actually Miss Betty has, but it comes to my house)....and I love to see what's new!

The catalog that arrived today immediately caught my eye!
You have to notice a pink and green cover!!  And look inside....

and...a coupon to save $5, if you go to their website.  (Click coupon picture to enlarge.)

Hope my husband and children are reading The Classic Preppy today....Hint, hint!!


  1. Too cute........I never knew how much pink and green was in the world, till I met a certain Cajun Belle named Trish!

  2. Hi Ms. Classic Preppy! These are adorable, and I literally squeeled when I saw the petit fours! :) Love all the pink and green, and my friend Miss Bumpkin above, I'm going to get her into her first Lilly this year, I'm slowly wearing her down! Heehee! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Growing up in South Florida...with Lilly ever present....bright colors (esp pink and green)were always in my life....but as I have gotten older, I have been drawn to them more...especially bright pink. Just makes everything "lift"....It's happy!

  4. I love Harry & David. Miss Betty was right to order from them. They never disappoint. I wish I still received their catalogues. I love that pink and green.

  5. Darling H&D pink and green goodness! :)

  6. love harry and david! the store near me is right between nordstrom and the apple store- perfect location for frequent stops!