Friday, April 9, 2010

More On Monday

Thought I might write a little this weekend....but have a wedding to attend, school projects to oversee, etc.!  Also, having more trouble with Artisteer/Blogger, and need to work that out.  Just lost my Blog List!  All your wonderful blogs that I am following and that I was going to add to, I now have to rebuild.  So......

More on Monday!

In the meantime....   Enjoy this fun video from Brooks Brothers!!


  1. So sorry you lost your blog list! I have been having problems with blogger this week too. Wishing you the most wonderfu lweekend, have a blast at the wedding! :)

  2. Hi I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and alothough im young, and new at blogging I have also started a preppy inspired blog As I said I really enjoyed your blog and it has helped me build an idea of what I want mine to be like!

    P.S. I love tiffanys and am pretty jealous you worked there. I'm a business major right now and would love to do marketing or accounting in the fashion industry. Sounds like Tiffany would have been fun!

  3. Have fun at the wedding - I love weddings always gorgeous!

    Also, I'm hosting a giveaway right now on my blog!