Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lilly Loves Green : Passing On The Tradition

I love this video from the Lilly Pulitzer website....Really gives one the "feel" of what Lilly is all about. We'll move on to a different subject tomorrow, as a classic preppy doesn't go obsessively overboard on any one thing ;)....but I do think that Lilly makes one want to bend that rule just a little, don't you?

If I had time to go through photo boxes and albums, I would have more from the past....but for now, here are some more recent fun "Lilly" or "Lilliesque" moments from my family!

Delray Beach, Summer 2000. I am wearing one of Miss Betty's original Lilly's, a floor length I had cut off for every day wear.

Older daughter wearing the same dress at a pre-high school graduation event in memory of her grandmother, 2009.

With the cousins, Delray Beach, 2004

Blowing Rock, NC - Summer 2006

 On set, HBO's John Adams -2007.   Younger daughter was the photo double for Nabbie Adams. 
She had been helping me give tours at a Virginia historic house/museum, 
so they thought she would be perfect for the part (and she fit the costumes!)....
When you watch the movie and you see the children making bullets, getting inoculated, etc.....
those were the photo doubles hard at work.  We shot in it was Lilly time for me!  
Also included a photo of the on-set teacher, in her bright pink! 

Now, let's all put on our brightest pink, step out into the sunshine, and have a great day!  Cheers!!



  1. I am loving your blog! Love the pictures!

  2. I love the picture of the you and your daughter both wearing the same Lilly dress at different times. What a great Re-Lilly!
    That's so neat your younger daughter was in John Adams. I watched that whole series! I'll have to go back and watch them again and look for her!
    I love all your pictures!
    XOXO- Vy