Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Find: The Variety Store

Starting the journey back after a busy day in Charleston.  I think I had better wait until returning home and recovering from highway fatigue before trying to write anything worth reading about Charleston.....but.....just to hold you over....I want to tell you about one of my favorite Charleston restaurants.  I was introduced to this wonderful place by family who had been coming forever......It's easy to find, the food is great and it's a place for you won't find any/many "tourists."  If you are a preppy, you can't be considered a tourist as Charleston is preppy at its best!

What am I raving about?  The Variety Store (also known as The Marina Variety Store and Seafood Restaurant....but you don't need to/want to call it that!), which is upstairs in the gray building at the Charleston Marina.  (17 Lockwood Drive....You can't miss it!!  Go past the BP station, through the gate, and get a parking ticket from the machine.  When you get your ticket, take it in with you and they will validate it.)   

The Variety Store serves breakfast, lunch and dinner...and you can drive in or sail in.  Very casual and very family friendly, it is fun for everyone!! (I love the aqua trim paint....It's so retro beachy!!)  Be sure to try the beer bread while you are there, and then ask them for the recipe....They will give it to you!

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