Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Find : Replacements Ltd. And Hagerty's

As you may have seen from my Twitter post ("tweet") last Friday....I stopped at one of my favorite places on the way home from Charleston......Replacements Ltd. in Greensboro, NC.  In my opinion they should call it Replacements Unlimited!  I am sure that most of you know what Replacements is all about, but if you don't, you must check it out! They are the number one supplier of discontinued china, crystal and silver....and are a magnificent repository of amazing silver "estate" pieces.  I needed a piece of china and some cleaning products....but UPS delivery wouldn't do.  I was determined to make it a part of my trip because I absolutely adore sterling silver flatware and holloware...and what they have is amazing! It is worth a visit just to see it.

Having trained with Tiffany & Co, and been a lecturer for them on silversmithing and Tiffany silver, I have quite an appreciation for it and have inherited or collected a variety of pieces through the years. Luckily I inherited a couple of corner cabinets from Miss Betty, I have storage space.  But and silver are not words that should go together.  Do you have silver (sterling or plate) that you like?  If so.... use it!  Don't be afraid!!  The more you do, the less you have to polish it, and the more beautiful a patina it will develop!

Here's what you will see when you visit Replacements:

                       The Tiffany & Co silver case

The Replacements "museum" section with royal collectible pieces.

The back room, where you can step inside to look at the "overstock" china
and/or watch the busy workers pull patterns for customers to see. They have over 300,000 patterns!
Replacements also sells almost all the Hagerty products.  They are the absolute best you can buy or use for your silver flatware/holloware or your jewelry, and I loaded up on things I was low on.  (If you do store some of your silver in a display case/china cabinet, the little strips in the packet below are miraculous for keeping the tarnish off, in surroundings like that....without much air.  My bigger pieces, that I don't use but once or twice a year, I don't polish but once a year because of these strips.)

Writing this post made me think about checking the Hagerty's website, which I haven't done in awhile.
It's a great resource, as is their YouTube channel, which I had not seen before.  Here is a video for you to preview before you visit the channel for other great videos on cleaning flatware/holloware and jewelry.

We'll talk more about this company in an upcoming post on antiques and their care.  Miss Betty would not let any of her antiques be touched by anything other than Vernax.   I once "snuck behind her back" and used a spray polish  from the grocery store because I was in a hurry. She could tell by the smell what I had done. Not good...  She then explained to me the error of my ways.....and I saw her point.  As Miss Betty might say, "Feed your wood like you would feed your children....something nourishing!" It was hard to find for awhile...but guess who bought the rights to Vernax and brought it back?  Hagerty's!

It's Friday....TGIF!!!!  .Let's celebrate!! If you are having dinner at home tonight (even if it's delivery from the pizza place)...break out your silver and enjoy it!  The whole family can use it....Let your babies use their sterling rattles, silver cups and feeding spoons, too...... That's what silver is  for!!


  1. I love my silver, and have it proudly displayed. I also love Replacements and have ordered extra pieces of my china. The quality is second to none. Lastly, Hagertys is the only silver polish my mother (and so now I too) uses. It is the absolute best.

  2. I actually live in Greensboro, so I can go to Replacements any time. That is a scary thought, because I can get into big trouble out there. I can't tell you how many times I have taken the tour, but I learn something new every time I go. If you are ever coming through again, let me know and I could meet you out there. That would be fun! Bob Page, the man who founded Replacements just started going to yard sales and had a love of china and it grew very quickly from there. It is a HUGE company now. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Thanks! Usually my husband and daughters are in the car with their eye on the clock, so I am in and out. We do have family in town, perhaps I can ship my clan off and we can do a "blogger's lunch!" Cheers!

  4. I am so jealous that you and Mrs. Tales are so close! I LOVE Replacements LTD as Matt and I bought a "vintage" set of china before we got married. We just loved it and nothing in the department stores seemed like "US". Our set is by Richard Ginori, called Palermo yellow, which is simple and elegant with gold and yellow accents. Replacements has been great to work with in supplementing our collection.

    I am behing in commenting but am grateful to have you along for the ride, and would love to send some preppy love your way! Maybe I can get to you to play along for Pink & Green Thursdays too! :)

    Hope you're having the best weekend :)

  5. How much fun to go there! I love Replacements and have ordered from them several fact, this is a wonderful reminder to me to go there now and look for something I've been needing:)!