Friday, April 2, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Since it is Good Friday, I probably shouldn't be so happy....but it has been a glorious day!  The Lord Himself provided Virginia with some beautiful weather, and off I went to pick up older daughter from college, so she could be home for the weekend.

My husband thinks I am crazy, since my normal route takes me way out of the way...but it's much prettier than the easy way.  It really only takes an extra few minutes, but when you go "The Classic Preppy Way" you pass all kinds of pretty houses and amazing historic sites.

Norwood is one of my all time favorites.  It belongs to the family of a man we knew in Charlotte.  
He visited his grandmother at this house and has all kinds of wonderful stories about it!

Farmville, Virginia Home to Longwood and Hampden-Sydney
Great shopping on Main Street! The trip to Farmville is worth it even if you only go to The Ivy Trellis.  It's PREPPY PARADISE!  Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, Tervis Tumblers....and lots of monogramming!!  It also has the nicest salesladies....and I treated myself to a gift that was inspired by Miss Janice's post of March 28th.  (It's pictured at the end of this post!)


Penelope's is fun for casual jewelery and clothing .

 You can't miss Sleeping Bee across the street, either.....Look at all the fun and fabulous rooster items. 
(Miss Janice, you would love this place!) 

Home with my treasure from The Ivy Trellis!  Miss Janice's lemonade looked so good, I couldn't resist!

Visit The Ivy Trellis and  Sleeping Bee by clicking on these links...Or come to Farmville in person!


  1. The Ivy Trellis is def my kind of store! Love your purchase. I hope that you are having a wonderful Easter Sunday! I have made a note to call "The Sleeping Bee" tomorrow to see if I can purchase that sign "My Roost...My Rules!"

  2. Enjoyed your post. My son is a student at HS. Do you live near there? I time my visits to HS so that I can shop at Ivy Trellis and Green Front. I love the ladies at IT.

  3. We are actually about an hour and a half away. My daughter is in the School of Education at Longwood! The IT ladies are dear!!

  4. I had no idea that Farmville had so much to offer! I live a little less than two hours away in Danville, Virginia. I've never been to Farmville, but you can bet that I will be making a trip there a top priority. Thanks for sharing that!.

    I'm a brand new reader, so I should say hello as well.

  5. Hello! Welcome to "The Classic Preppy!" So glad you are here!!