Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Find: Part 3

One more adorable find...submitted by another dear reader who is also a college student....and dear friend and niece.....

Love this Liberty of London frame she found at Target...and love, love, love the fact she put a black and white photo in it!  Miss Betty would have been so proud...She adored Liberty of London....and her granddaughter(s)!

Friday Find: Part 2

Two more fabulous finds for today....both on New York Social Diary!

 Photos from New York Social Diary

Duane Hampton's amazing apartment

Fun article on a book launch luncheon at Michael's for Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd....and True Prep!

Friday Find: Suite Francaise

Look inside the book on 

Today's post is a bit unusual, but fits the topic well....It's a real "find"...literally!!!

This past weekend I hosted a small gathering for the Richmond area alumnae group of my alma mater. We had a delightful time together....a fabulous Dessert and Discussion gathering! For those of you interested in the "entertaining" component of this event....I had sign in/nametags on one side of the butler's pantry (still looking for that butler!!) and champagne and cake on the other....

Then I placed a few little treats in the library on the one clear (no pun intended!) surface I have.

I guess I need a 12 step program to cure my addiction to books! Every surface in the library is covered and almost every room in the house has books in it....except the dining room!

Although it was a small group, we were fortunate to have the chair of the college's English department fly up to join us, and we had a magnificent conversation about Irene Nemirovsky's Suite Francaise.  Literally a hidden treasure, this book was unfinished, as Nemirovsky wrote it during the occupation of France and was herself taken to Auschwitz in 1942, where she died.  Her notebook, which contained the manuscript, was left behind and was in her daughter's possession for decades. It remained unread because the daughter thought it was a journal of an excruciatingly painful time and she could not bear to look at it. When she was preparing to donate it to a repository of Holocaust items, it was discovered to be the first two parts of an extraordinary work. It was first published in French and then translated and published in English in 2006.

Here is the 2006 book review from the New York Times. Review

Those of you who read the New York Times may have noticed this article on Nemirovsky, published just this past Monday. It was an unexpected treat for our little group! Article

To learn more about Irene Nemirovsky and preview her other works, visit her page.

Our discussion group, from the Agnes Scott College classes of 1956, 1974 and 1981
(I was taking the picture) with English professor, Dr. Christine Cozzens.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Traditional Thursday: "Prep"osition Day

"Oh, Mummy!  Bootsy just sent the cutest candlesticks to Chip and I!"

This is probably where my age is going to show, but I just can't help it!  In the last several years there has been a situation in this country that has steadily declined....

What am I talking about??......

Prepositions and Pronouns...and how they are used and abused.

I thought that since "prep" was part of the word "preposition," this might be an appropriate topic for the Classic Preppy!

It has been my experience that the average "Preppy" or "WASP" has a fairly strong command of English.  Good grammar, clear articulation....all part of the package. Yet these days even some of us are saying things like:

"That's between she and I."  

What?????  We didn't learn that at prep school....or public school...or any school!

The first and second person usage in that sentence is that of the object and not the it's her/me and not she/I.   Sometimes I hear it mixed, as in "That's between her and I."   Almost there....but still wrong.....

The first person singular is where the offense most often occurs. Hmmmm......Could it be an ego thing?  Do people think that saying "I" sounds more cultured than "me?"
I just can't figure it out....and it's everywhere!!

This may be more of a Thursday Throwback than a Traditional Thursday.... but I think this practice needs to stop and that we can take a step in that direction today.  Using bad grammar is like having bad table manners.  We may not think anyone notices, but they do!

Let's make today PREPosition Day...Come on, Preppies, be a great example to the world.  Share the love....and proper use of the preposition (and pronoun)!

Some childhood reminders of the right way to do it...

If we don't get this under control soon, things may get worse....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking Tea In Tribute

Today, at tea time, it is my very sad duty to report to you that one of my favorite authors, and fellow Richmond resident, Emyl Jenkins has passed away at the age of 68.  I was privileged to have met Emyl a couple of years ago through a mutual friend, and for me it was a tremendous honor....for I was one of her biggest fans!

Having a love of silver, china and crystal from my days at Tiffany & Co, and a love of antiques of all kinds from my days with Miss Betty.....I bought Emyl's books when they first hit the shelves.  I haven't read her more recently published mystery novels, but they are on my list.  Her book, Southern Hospitality is my favorite!

 Book photo from Ebay.  This book is currently up for auction.

Since some of her books are out of print now, I checked on Ebay.  There are a lot of great things available.  Check them out here.....

I am getting out my favorite English china teacup, my sterling tea strainer and spoon and my best linen napkin.  Emyl, I am raising a cup in your memory!  You were a blessing to us all and you will be greatly missed....

Emyl's obituary will probably be in the paper tomorrow.  The link at the top of this post is an article from the Metro section.  She died after only "a brief illness" according to the paper.  I have had two other friends die at this age, both from ovarian cancer.  I have no idea what caused Emyl's death, but ladies....take good care of yourselves.  68 is much to young to go.....

Pink Is Her Color I Think

Queen Elizabeth was really working the pink yesterday, during a visit to North Wales. Lovely!!

Picture from The Daily Post

Picture from Getty Images

Wonderful Wednesday: Website Update and Book Release

Last night I noticed that Talbots had a spectacular new look to their website.....I may be late finding it, but if you haven't checked their site lately, visit it soon.  The opening flash intro is amazing...several shades  of pink and green.....espadrilles of all kinds and just lots of loveliness!  Visit Talbots

Also, yesterday I forgot to tell you that Mireille Guiliano's new French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook is out!  I just love her books....and Amazon has shipped my cookbook, so I will let you know what it's like when it arrives. I got it for a great deal....

Find the book at Amazon (for 40% off)

Mireille stopped by the Today Show yesterday, to prepare one of her recipes....

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More "Think Pink": Pink, Green And Delicious!

Miss Betty loved to do her special occasion shopping at Harry and David....especially for her friends who "already had everything."  She knew that everyone loves edible delights!!  In her later years, it basically came down to telling me to get online and "do the usual" and, no matter what I selected, Harry and David always came through with the perfect gift!

I have cut back on almost all my catalogs, since I use websites to stay up to date and order.  However, I have remained on the H&D list....(well, actually Miss Betty has, but it comes to my house)....and I love to see what's new!

The catalog that arrived today immediately caught my eye!
You have to notice a pink and green cover!!  And look inside....

and...a coupon to save $5, if you go to their website.  (Click coupon picture to enlarge.)

Hope my husband and children are reading The Classic Preppy today....Hint, hint!!

"Think Pink" Tuesday

Why is my blog logo a pink turtle?  Well, one reason is that particular image came with an app I bought to use for my Twitter page, and I just thought it was perfect for a Preppy blog!  Secondly, the pink turtle has a special place in my heart.....for I bought a pair of pink turtle earrings on our honeymoon trip to Jamaica.  The resort where we stayed (in Ocho Rios) was spectacular....(Sadly in the past few years it has been bought by a larger corporation and doesn't seem to have the feel of the gentile English hotel in Jamaica that it did when we were there....)

I was so sad when I lost one of the earrings, but I still have the other...and it makes a great "clip."  I think I am going to replace the back with a pin, so I will be able to wear it with more....but it will always be precious to me!

Speaking of our wedding....The most amazing thing happened yesterday!  Out of the blue I received a small package in the mail and in it were pictures from our wedding (actually from the trip to the airport for the honeymoon) that we had never seen.  They were taken by our dear friends, Sally and Alex, who had been married the year before, on April 23rd.
 Sally and Alex are the couple on the far left, pictured here at our wedding.

It was their second marriage each, and both had grown children, but it was such an amazing wedding and marriage.  I sang at their reception and saw them off on their wedding trip....and they drove us to the airport after our wedding reception in Alex's gorgeous Mercedes and stayed to see us off.  I felt like a Queen!

Here are a few of the pics Alex sent...

Sadly, Sally passed away in 2008, just before Miss Betty....who thought the world of her.  I know heaven is a brighter place with Sally there....but we surely do miss her! (You'll hear more about her in the future...She was my cousin Sallie's best friend....and they were a modern day "Preppy" Lucy and Ethel!)

Thanks for the pics, Alex!!  They are going on my bulletin board, since they show me several pounds lighter than I am now!!

You all have a great day....and remember.....Think Pink!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Madras Monday

I am still working on the Miss Betty Gardens and Grounds post.....and had to go out and get an oversize scanner to get some things uploaded.  I will post it as soon as it all comes together.... It's a lot!

On this beautiful Madras Monday, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Brooksie.   "Brooks," as I like to call him, is the adorable Brooks Brothers Bear, whose sales benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Younger Daughter and I were out shopping Friday night and couldn't resist bringing Brooks home with his oh-so-cute madras shorts.  I put him on the table to take a picture for the blog....

...and when Younger Daughter saw him she said, "Mom!  Isn't this going on The Classic Preppy?"  
When I replied that it was, she said, "Well, I need to fix him before you take his picture.."   

Fix him???  He looked fine to me....

I should have known better....

Sorry, Brooks!  ....

Have a great day, everyone....Collars up!!

(If you want to order your own Brooksie, here's the link, with more info about the charity.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Put On Your Sunday Clothes

Hello, Dolly! has always been one of my favorite movies....and Miss Betty's too. We must have seen it four or five times when it came out. I was 11 at the time, and remember it like it was yesterday....and the little movie theatre in Highlands, NC that was playing it that summer. Awesome!

Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out. 
Strut down the street and have your picture took.
Dressed like a dream, your spirits seem to turn about.
That Sunday shine is a certain sign that you feel as fine as you look!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Silly Saturday: Making The Forbes List

**Please note, I have added another Bobby video to this post, so if you checked the site Saturday before 10pm, you may have missed it! Enjoy...

I have fallen in love with these commercials....and it's such a "preppy" thing to start planning for success at a young age!  This young man is right on track!! Robert ("Bobby") Sinclair, captain of industry....

"Prepping" for success!  You gotta love it!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Find

It was Lilly Pulitzer Night in New York last Thursday, at the annual black tie Museum Dance for The Museum of Natural History.  Check it out on New York Social Diary!

Both photos from New York Social

Also featured on NYSD's Shopping Diary this week was a sale at Doubles (Sherry-Netherland) featuring these gorgeous ponchos from Glamourpuss NYC.  The link to Glamourpuss NYC is at the left on the Shopping Diary page...

If you don't read NYSD, you should check it out...It's a fascinating find!

And speaking of Lilly and all things preppy....One of the precious girls in the photo at the top of the blog is my darling niece....and she has the cutest "preppified" room in her sorority house that she said I could share with my readers.

Isn't it wonderful?  Bright and fun!  I love that her screensaver has one of my favorite shots of Miss Betty at the Ocean Forest Hotel in Myrtle Beach in 1940..... Miss Betty adored her granddaughters!

And speaking of readers...thank YOU so much for visiting my blog.  This is only my fourth week and I am loving every minute of it.  As of my writing this post, the blog has had over 800 visits, and I have heard from many of you.  College students, young single women, moms with babies, moms of teens and college students (my peeps!) and women who grew up in the fabulous 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's who have all kinds of stories and experiences to share.  You all are are your blogs!!  I am reading and loving them!!

Have a great weekend...


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Traditional Thursday: Weddings and Anniversaries

Today is our 21st wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it has been that long...21 years!!

Well....since 21 has always been my favorite number, I thought I would take the time today to really reflect on this special occasion....and write about funny/touching moments from the past.  (By the way....If you haven't read Beth Dunn's comments on her wedding and courtship, go to her blog and do so.  They are wonderful!)  Now don't worry!  I won't cover 21 things....but perhaps the top five that come to mind....

1.  April 22nd, our anniversary is also Earth Day...which is very ironic, because although I am a big recycler and believe in being "green," my husband is not into it at all.  He does like it however, when I show him how we can re-purpose things and save money.  All husbands like it when their wives save money!  (Although I have noticed they are less interested in saving when it comes to things they want....LOL)

2. Speaking of re-purposing:  You may have read about my dress last week....It was chosen by my mother ("Miss Betty") and her sisters, back in the early 1950's, and has been a family treasure every since.  I love, love, love that dress! It was an honor to wear it.... and speaking of Miss Betty....

3.  Miss Betty was in full "Queen" mode for my wedding.  After awhile, I just gave up arguing with her over the details where we disagreed.  And, 21 years later, I have to admit...She was right about everything we disagreed on.  What was I thinking??  She was always looked to as the last word on questions of protocol and etiquette by members of our family and friends alike, so I should have known better than to question her. :)

Her nickname was "The Queen" or "The Queen Mother," and I told my husband that I was going to honor her as such as part of the wedding.  He didn't believe me at first..... but he thought it was great that I did!  He adored Miss Betty and Miss Betty adored him.  He always thought she was so funny....And after all, this was the woman, who, when my dear husband telephoned to speak to my father to ask his permission before proposing to me, said this:

"I'll just tell you what my father said when Allen asked for my hand in marriage....'If you can afford her, you can have her!'"

My husband said he thought she was joking.....and he is still recovering from finding out she wasn't!!)

4. Thinking about weddings in general and how they have evolved over the past couple of decades.....A wedding is a singularly special time in one's life.....Family and friends from childhood through adulthood all gather together to celebrate with you. "With" is the key word here, but it is left out more times than not these days. Why is it that some people (mostly brides and their mothers) think that they are the ones being celebrated, and not the marriage itself?

We all know that weddings don't have to be dog-and-pony shows to be meaningful and memorable.....yet I have known MOB's (Mothers of the Bride) to plot and plan to out-do their friends' daughters' weddings.  And those poor MOG's (said facetiously) who can "only control the rehearsal dinner."  Yikes!!   Sometimes it seems like insanity, and the bar keeps being set higher as to what constitutes "going over the top."  What's so great about going over the top?  The loveliest weddings I have ever attended/been a part of have been those that have been understated and tasteful....totally "classic preppy"....but rapidly a vanishing breed....

Perhaps I am missing something.....What do you all think?  Can you figure out why all these shows about "bridezillas" and wedding circuses seem to be so popular these days?  I can't figure out if people are watching them because they are so horrible and they can't believe what they are seeing, or if they are looking for ideas of things to include in their own weddings?  I am completely at a loss as to why some of these MOB's are all about having "the" wedding and doing everything "just right".... and then end up drunk on the dance floor at the end of their special day, making a complete spectacle of themselves?  I just don't get it...and I have seen it in places I was not expecting it.... To quote Miss Betty, it is pretty "T-Tacky!"  When I am called for wedding advice, which still happens sometimes because of my background in etiquette/protocol, the very first thing I say is "First of all....relax!" And remember, you are out to entertain graciously and celebrate beautifully...not to impress and show-off."

5. And speaking of gracious entertaining....One of the people I missed the most at my wedding was my godmother.  No one entertained more graciously than she.  I will write more about her in the future....but suffice it to say....she was AMAZING!  She was a world traveler and a real "Auntie Mame" to yours truly.  She passed away a few years before I was married, but we had talked about what my wedding might be like one day....and I always said I was going to have my wedding cake be covered in orchids....which was so "her."

Well, that's what I did....and my godfather brought a beautiful old tablecloth for the cake table and gave me a Tiffany & Co. cake server in my English King pattern as a wedding present.  My godmother was definitely there in spirit, if not in person!

This photo is of my godparents (far left) at the airport seeing my parents off after their wedding in 1958!
I'll write a little about our honeymoon and the pink turtle, the inspiration for the blog logo, later....

Today I am off to my Aveda salon.... for a complete overhaul.....
One has to look one's best on these special days!
Remember what I told you Sunday about The Women?  Well, I wasn't kidding...Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday: Historic Garden Week

Monday's and Tuesday's weather was wonderful....absolutely beautiful!  This week is always the prettiest part of spring in Virginia....and a it's a perfect time for houses and gardens to be on tour....

On Monday I left the house early....passing by the beautiful azaleas which line the driveway (and always make me feel so happy) and headed to the Woman's Club, where I helped arrange flowers.

"Help" is the operative word here, so I cannot take credit for anything being mine except the little rose bowl on the table for the Board luncheon.  My dear friend and neighbor is one of the most talented women I know, and I was honored to be her assistant!

Tuesday I was at Wilton House Museum for the morning, as we have a lot of out of town visitors during this week every year....but usually in the afternoon, after they have seen the houses/gardens on tour, had lunch and then set out to explore the rest of Richmond.  I wish I could have stayed throughout the day, as we had a big group of ladies from Dallas, Texas scheduled to visit....but I am sure they had a grand time with the volunteers that were there. In the morning I did have the pleasure of helping with a tour for a huge school group (80 children plus chaperones).  Great kids, who asked amazing questions and behaved beautifully!   After that I had time to stroll around the house and check out the floral arrangements.  We don't allow flash photography at Wilton, so these pictures are from my Blackberry. They aren't as light and bright as I would have liked...but you get the idea!  (We use natural light at Wilton, too....So you feel just like you are back there in the late 1700's paying a visit to the Randolphs!)

                                                                              Photo from Wilton House Museum website

                  On the landing (upper and lower passage).      Parlor set up for tea.                 Lower passage flowers.

Check out Wilton's website and please come visit if you find yourself in or near Richmond!  Richmond has a lot for visitors to see...all year round.  It is such a blessing to live in a city that takes historic preservation least most of the time.  We preservationists have had our battles, to be sure.... and I know there are certain of us whose faces send City Council members into hiding.  None of us are shy about speaking and we'll come down to City Hall and talk to you for as long as it takes!

Do you live in a place that takes good care of its history? Celebrates the spring with a house and garden tour?  What's going on in your area?

It's fun to participate in these things "virtually," too.  Thanks to the advances of the internet we can work in areas where we don't live and be a real part of the effort. I have been able to participate in far off projects as well....doing websites/blogs about special places that have great meaning to me: McGraw Ranch and Historic Delray Beach  I am hoping/planning to get to both of these places this summer and get to do some work "in person," too.  It will be great to actually meet my "email" friends.

Enjoy your Wednesday.....Go out and enjoy your garden....or see what's going on in your area with historic preservation..... Have a great day!


(I'll keep working on the article on Miss Betty, her love of gardens and getting to know "Miz" Whaley.  I think it will be a good "Madras Monday" posting....because there are a lot of pieces to put together!)