Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome To The Classic Preppy

Good morning!  Time to start blogging....and I think I will jump right in and see how it all goes.  It has been amazing to me to see all the blogs that are dedicated to the "preppy" lifestyle...and what great blogs they are!!

Since I am starting this blog in the spring and am anxiously awaiting summer, I think this blog definitely needs to have a pink and green theme, don't you?  I chose the pink turtle, because it has a very special meaning to me, which I will write more about in another post.  Also, it is very appropriate because I am most definitely a beach girl.  I lived the first two years of my life at the beach in Virginia, and then moved to and grew up in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida.  A Southern girl to my core, with family spread throughout the South, it was  great fun spending time in Georgia and the Carolinas through the years. My life as a Southerner has been a real circle....born in Virginia, growing up in Florida, college in Georgia, living (and meeting my husband) in North Carolina....and then, in 1994, a move back to Virginia....but "inland" this time! All of those places hold special places in my heart, and my life, most probably like yours, is filled with such precious memories.

In posts to come we will talk about etiquette, fashion, decorating, travel, and a whole lot more!  I am a real "classic" my life very much as my mother and her mother (and probably her mother) did.  I don't go out without wearing lipstick (even if it's just lipstick and a pair of sunglasses to hide the lack of make-up elsewhere!), I keep a beautiful handkerchief with me at all times, I still write letters on real stationery...and more.  I am a throwback to the Southern ladies of years past, I suppose, but finding joy in the simplest of things is such a pleasure.....and it is what gives one a life of ease and elegance.  It's making the most of what you have and really being grateful for it.  As the children's author, Tasha Tudor, would's "taking joy" where you find it.
So, for today....TAKE JOY!   Add a "classic preppy" touch to your life.....Wear your prettiest lipstick/lip gloss today.  Choose something in a beautiful spring shade.  Get out those pinks and corals...and if you don't have one, head to Sephora or Nordstrom's and find one!!!  Splash on a spring/summer scent, favorite is Lilly Pulitzer's "Wink."  (And be sure to check back tomorrow....We'll talk all about Lilly.  What a pleasure and privilege to have grown up with a mother who knew and was buying from Lilly since the beginning!!  How marvelous to now see the whole world be "Lilly-fied!")

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