Monday, March 29, 2010

Twitter Pictures ("TwitPics")

Just trying out Twitpics with a picture of my sitting room! on Twitpic

Sitting room desk on TwitpicI have followed people who tweet with photos, but have never done so myself.  Inspired by a tweet from Mireille Guiliano (French Women Don't Get Fat), I stepped out into the hall with my cell phone and took a picture of my sitting room.  This is the room where I entertain friends for tea, write my letters or have drinks/coffee after a dinner party.  I love this room, because it has so many things of my mother's...and the pictures weren't too bad.  Definitely have to do more of this!!

PS.  The dollhouse in the background belongs to my younger daughter.  It has just come back from being electrified, painted, papered, etc.  It is not a "play" house, but rather one to collect miniature furniture for. It's on its way to the playroom, but it's heavy.  Need to get dear husband and maybe another guy in on this. Since I am just now recovering from the expense of fitting out said house, dear daughter may be a grown woman before the furnishing of said house is complete... We are definitely on a budget for this project!!


  1. Your blog is so fun! I just found it! How cool you worked for Tiffany - what a dream job!

  2. Hi! So glad I stumbled across your blog! You are going to love the blogging community. Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  3. Thank you all for reading it....I have just started, so please invite your friends! I have a lot of stories to tell...and yes, working for Tiffany and Co. was great fun. Those stories are very interesting, indeed! I met all kinds of wonderful people in my work there...