Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preppy Must Haves: Palm Beach

I am sure that if you have come to this blog you may already know about one of my new favorite websites..  Preppy Must Have  It has an incredible list of links to the best in fashion, interior design, travel, etc.  If you don't know it you will want to check it out!

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PMH has done a really great piece on the "club" level of one of my favorite places, The Breakers.  You can read all about out it here!  I can't give you a personal take on the club level, as we've only stayed on a regular floor, but there was nothing regular about it.  The room was gorgeous and the bathroom was spectacular! The Breakers is old Palm Beach at its best and it's wonderful any time of year....Personally, I think one of the best times to be there is early-mid summer.  Why?  Rates are great, Palm Beach is not crowded, the "end of season" sales on Worth Avenue are amazing....and the weather is super.  There is a great breeze off the ocean, and mornings/early afternoons are almost always sunny and bright.  The typical afternoon thunderstorms cool things off a bit and then it's clear again, by the time you want to go out to dinner.

Time to put Palm Beach on your to-do list?  It's the perfect place if you are a classic preppy!!  These are some definites for your visit:

Eat Like A Native! ......

Breakfast or lunch (very casual): Green's Luncheonette/Pharmacy (South County Road)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (very casual...hours vary depending on the season): Hamburger Heaven (South County Road) (Buy some of the homemade relish to take home with you!!)

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner (dressy casual): Testa's  A Palm Beach landmark since 1921 

Lunch, dinner (dressy casual- dressy): Ta-boo (Worth Avenue) This is one of my very favorite places in the world!

Lunch, dinner (dressy casual-dressy): Cafe L'Europe (South County Road)

"Hidden Treasures" Shopping .....

C. Orrico (South County Road): All things Lilly! Huge store with terrific sales and really friendly saleswomen.

The Classic Bookshop (next to Hamburger Heaven on South County Road)  Great local books!

Mildred Hoit : (Sunrise Avenue) Clothes, gifts, wonderful treasures!! Again, amazing saleswomen.  (MH is getting ready to change ownership, but is sure to stay a PB classic...)

Pioneer Linens (Clematis St., West Palm Beach)  This is a "Miss Betty favorite" (see earlier post)

The Elephant's Foot (South Dixie, West Palm Beach).  .....Another "Miss Betty favorite."    You can also find them in Highlands, NC in the summer.

I better quit writing now....I am getting awfully "homesick!"....Maybe if I put on my "Dorothy shoes" and click my heels three times??? 

We'll do a little more "Lilly" tomorrow...and then move on to "Classic Preppy Chic!"


  1. Wow, I need to make a trip down to Palm Beach!!! :) I will definitely save this post for when I do head down there!
    XOXO- Vy

  2. I wish I was in Palm Beach right now! I had a friend who lived in Florida near one of the C. Orricos, she loved it and would never buy Lilly in St. Louis, but would just stock up when she was down there - it was too funny!

    Hope you're having a great Wednesday!